Investing in Public Education for Children and Adults

  • Providing adequate pay and professional development for teachers and staff and fully staffing our schools

  • Fully funding special education and special programming aimed at closing Michigan’s horrendous achievement gap

  • Supplying schools with modern technology and basic supplies

  • Expanding debt-free access to quality community colleges, vocational schools, trade schools, and apprenticeships 

Ensuring All of Michigan’s People Have Access to Affordable, Quality Healthcare

  • Expanding Medicaid

  • Reforming HMO practices

  • Improving mental health and addiction treatment services

  • Improving all health services to returning veterans

Protecting Our Land, Water, Air and Open Space

  • Supporting efforts to maintain state and federal lands

  • Enacting and enforcing policies that prevent contamination and diversion of the Great Lakes

  • Investing in our underground infrastructure to remove all lead service lines in Michigan and replace dangerously aging water mains

  • Supporting energy efficient technologies

  • Implementing smart growth strategies and better land use that protect our farms and open space, and support reinvestment into cities



Restoring Confidence in Michigan’s Government

  • Limiting campaign contributions political committees (PACs) and parties

  • Providing full disclosure of political contributions to candidates, parties, political foundations, and independent groups

  • Requiring candidates and elected and appointed officials to reveal and avoid conflicts of interest

  • Expanding FOIA requirements for all elected officials